Horrible Day at School

Dear Diary,


Today was a horrible day. (Even horrible would be an understatement.) I woke up today with the determination of making the day good. But ha! Surprise!!

The first thing in the morning I did was fight with Mumma. I don’t understand why they don’t understand me. They always want me to act according to their wishes…. which is absolutely not happening. They want me to do all this fucking girly things. Whatever!!!

Then I went to school. My mood was so freaking pumped up. My friends… they are so awesome… Just their presence makes me happy.

But then again things were not meant to okay bacause I am Alana. My best friend Lucifer was not to me at all. I mean it started off really well. We talked about cars, soccer. He told me about some new book which was going to be released… Whatever… I am not the one with books. Then he came into the class room… My Mr. Crush… and I started taking about my crazy obsession with Mr. Crush. I dunno what struck to Lucifer he literally stomped out. The rest of day at school, I was just trying to reach out to Lucifer.

Seems he is going to be adamant to keep up with his reasonless cold war with me. So I sat alone at the cafeteria today. They served salads today… who the heck serves salads at school… yuck!! The whole lunch break passed by me staring at my cold salad and my hot Mr. Crush. Then, (well it is not the end of my ill fate yet) it forgot to take a jersey for the soccer practice today… Remember about the fight with my mom today… well, in a hurry to escape my mother’s infernal wrath, I forgot my jersey. Eventually I had to sit out for the practice today.

When I returned a full scale broke over the dinner between me and my mom. I didn’t eat properly the whole day. I banged out the dinner.

Now I think I do my homework for tomorrow’s history class. I will prepare myself for tomorrow’s soccer practice. Then finally I’ll go to bed and sleep peacefully (*as peaceful as I can be).





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