Roller Coaster

Dear Diary,

I don’t know how to describe today. There were good things and then there were some bad things. Probably the word for today is roller coaster. There were ups and then there were downs as well.

Okay! So today the first thing that happened was that my mom apologised. And I was like O.M.F.G. this is once in a lifetime moment I should record this. My mom said that, “I am sorry dear. I should’ve understood that you are not comfortable wearing a girly dress. I promise I won’t ever push you again for something like that. You may wear whatever you like.” (One up of the day).

Then I had to go to school. I was determined to solve my issues with Lucifer. I mean, enough is enough. How much longer would he continue the cold war over a reasonless thing. I kept looking for chances to talk to him. But he had the audacity to ignore me. No one ignores me unless they want to be punched. (One down of the day).

Today I had my history class before the lunch break. I was pretty glad that I had completed my homework for the first time in a long time. Mr. Fleck walked smugly into the class. He glared at my face. Then asked for the homework. I double crossed him and submitted my homework to him. He had that look on his face that everyone thought that he was going to explode. (One up of the day).

Mr. Fleck announced that our class would be going in some museum for some blah! blah! blah! studies. What more? We had go in pairs. Why pairs? Why not groups of four or five? Probably Mr. Fleck was up for a revenge.

The minute he informed us about the pair thing.. Chaos broke in the class. Every guy asked out their girls. I thought probably I should ask my Mr. Crush too. My body shuddered. The brain shut out the obnoxious idea of my heart.

While every one made their pairs. I sat dumb. Remaining quiet in a wakeful moment is not really like me. I always have too much to talk about. Mr. Fleck then asked, “Have you found your pair Ms. Harris?” I got goosebumps all over. Everyone had their eyes fixed on me except Lucifer. I glanced at my friends in desperation but the gave me a look like, “Sorry! I’m going with her”.

Then a voice said from somewhere behind me, “I’ll go with her.”

I sighed in relief. It didn’t matter who volunteered to accompany me, as long as I had a partner.

“So be it.”, Mr. Fleck said in disappointment. “You are Mr…”

“… Moore.” the voice said from behind.

“You must be the new student, Mr. Moore.” Mr. Fleck said.

“Yes”, the new guy replied.

After all the history for the day, the class got over. During the lunch break, I talked to Lucifer. I made a horrible discovery that he had paired up with Lacey for the history assignment. Lacey is kinda the celebrity of the school. She is a seduces and hooks up with all the guys. You can say that she’s the slut of the school.

After the devastating discovery, I was sitting alone. Then there was this unknown guy who came and sat next to me. He said,” We are doing the history assignment together.”

“So you are the new guy, Mr. Moore?”, I asked.

He smiled and nodded his head. “You may call me Brian”, he said. Brian had a handsome face, I have to admit. Gorgeous blue eyes, perfect lips, lean body. I bet he would be Lacey’s next target. His eyes were blue like a lot blue, resembling deep sea.

We had a very small conversation and the break got over really soon. I realised, I liked talking to him. We had were in the same class for all the subjects. For the first time in my life, I was really glad to have someone in my class other than my Mr. Crush.

Okay! I have totally lost the counts of ups and downs of the day. But whatever!!

The later half of the day was eventless. The math lecture was horrible. I hit two goals during the practice match. The dinner was tasty.

Now I’ll prepare to myself for tomorrow’s roller coaster. I am desperately looking forward to go to school tomorrow because I know I will meet Brian.

Good night.



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