Dear Diary,

Today was different. Honestly, I don’t have any adjectives for today. Today was like really different. It was certainly not an ordinary day.

So the day started off pretty normally. After what happened yesterday, I decided that it would be wise enough to be in my normal tomboy attire. I wore a polo, jeans and shoes. I would never do something like yesterday ever again, I thought.

I went to school, I was half hoping to see Lucifer and Brian in a merry state. But as you are aware nothing ever goes right in my life. Lucifer was still in his “ignore-and-hate-Alana” mode. While, Brian was mingling with some other guy gangs.

I sat on the last seat of the classroom when Dawn Rose came to me. Dawn is what I would call a “typical girl”. She is sweet, polite and gentle. She always has that feminine grace in her. She has tanned skin and dark chocolate hair. Her eyes reflect her hair colour. She is a feminine beauty. She could easily get a queue of guys after her but she is not into all such stuff. She is nerdy and probably the only one who comes to school to study. Lol!

But whatever!! She came to me and said, “Hey! How are you?”

“Fine!”, I replied in an annoyed tone.

Dawn said,”Yesterday you were looking…”

“…Ugly! Wasn’t that so obvious? ” I replied sarcastically. I was not in the mood to talk I mean, Lucifer is ignoring me, Brian has no time for me and Ian hates me. Usually my sarcasm irrates people but Dawn looked more hurt and it is the first time in my life that I got this thought of apologising. “Hey!! Sorry… I didn’t mean it. ” I said.

“It’s alright.” She said with a smile. She continued, “Yesterday you were looking upset, is everything okay?”

I never knew that girls could be something like Dawn. I always thought girls just gossip and back stab.

I replied to her saying that the skirt I wore created some problems for me. I told her everything I felt. I am usually not the one with revelations. But confiding in her seemed to be right and the need of the moment. So, I told her that how my friends reacted on my clothes. How I became an object of laughter. How much that hate and disgust left me hurt. In a nutshell I told her everything I wrote in my Diary yesterday.

Then she said something which inspired me and brought me back in my healthy state of mind. I’ll try to write everything exactly the way she told me:

“Look Alana, your clothes don’t define your character neither does it change your behaviour. You know what you are you. This is your life. You were not born to impress anyone. You are here to make yourself. You are one of a kind so don’t lose you uniqueness by listening to some useless idiots. You are amazing the way you are. If you want to change, change because you want to not because someone else. People will come and go. But you must keep making your choices. People will hate you and rate you but how strong you stand is what makes you. Go where your heart leads you and you’ll never be lost. Never give a damn to the depressing assholes.”

Dawn gave such an amazing speech. It lifted me up and made me realise that no matter what I am cool in my own way. I spent the rest of the day with Dawn. I found that she is a nice person to have as a friend. Then, I came home and the daily routine. Nothing different. Yet everything I saw today had a different angle to it.

I am always gonna read this if I ever feel low. I also realised that no matter how long and dark the night is, morning will always be come. No matter what, Dawn will always be there.

Good night,



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