Crazy Incident

Dear Diary,

Today I felt good. I won’t say that I did not have problems but no one I guess ever said that life is easy. I guess after everything I am learning to live with the problems I have and rejoicing the small moments of happiness that I get amidst my problems.

Okay! So the day started pretty well. No “mom-olcanoes”, no fights, no “Mr. Fleck-zilla”. But that doesn’t mean that the day was awesome, yeah! It’s pretty cool when you are not scolded in front of the class by Mr. Fleck and all… But getting someone’s attention somehow is always better than being ignored totally.

Yeah! Lucifer was ignoring me today too. Ian didn’t noticed me at all. Brian was also diasappointing. He was talking to my gang of guys… I mean the gang of guys I’m good friends with. And this strange incident happened after the history lecture. With everyone going away from me, I had only Dawn to hold on to, so I had decided to stick with Dawn. I was sitting on the last seat when the my guy friend suddenly started calling my name and they pointed towards Brian. Brian was blushing others were giggling and laughing. They told me Brain wants to talk to me. The things were fuzz, my brain could not process whats going on, then Dawn took my arm and dragged me out of the class. A smiled was playing on her lips. All I was wondering was, what was so funny that everyone was laughing at. And how come I not know an inside joke of my own class. I asked Dawn if she was understanding what was going on but she adamantly refused to say anything related to the incident. However, Dawn seemed to be upset about the incident. Probably I am overthinking. During the break Dawn was telling me about Brian. It was kinda amusing. She gave an awesome description of Brian.

Whatever! The rest of the day was good. I decided to give no heed to the incident. Dawn gave me this book called… I dunno man, remember I ain’t the one with books. She said that she wanted me to read this book. Anyways, she is practically my only female friend plus she had helped me a lot yesterday so I think I owe her. And I am kinda obliged to do it. I think I will give it a try.

So here I am. Had my dinner, brushed my teeth, did my homework and ready for bed. I won’t say that today is the type of the day I want everyday to be like, (Am I even making any sense?) but today was new and today was unique. Though I think I will be pondering over the strange incident for eternity.




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